The Signing Ceremony for College-bureau Cooperation with Wuhan Police Department

  On March 10th, President Guan Shuguang and Vice President Chen Jipeng were on a visit to Wuhan and signed an agreement with Wuhan Police Department for college-bureau cooperation, unveiling the plaque to open a practical teaching base. Guan and Chen also called on the students of grade 2013 who were on duty in Wuhan Police Department.

  Yu Chunxiang, a member of Municipal Standing Committee, party secretary and director of Wuhan Police Department, warmly welcomed President Guan. Guan firstly introduced our college’s history and features, as well as a blueprint to develop a renowned nationwide education brand. He spoke highly of the recent achievements made by Wuhan Police Department in comprehensively deepening police reforms and vigorously promoting Four Constructions. Guan proposed a further cooperation between the college and police agency, building a comprehensive, long-term and steady relationship. At last, he expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the great support of Wuhan Police Department on behalf of our college.

  Director Yu Chunxiang affirmed that our 150 student police officers being on duty added a new strength to municipal police force. The police department would make efforts to provide staff arrangements and logistic service. Yu also exchanged with Mr. Guan on the matter of current police work, curriculum construction and practice teaching mode in the fast development of urban rail transit. He agreed to set up a long-term mechanism for conversation and cooperation.

  After the meeting, there was a signing ceremony for college-bureau cooperation with both parties.

  Present Guan Shuguang and Director Yun Chunxiang unveiled the plaque for practical teaching base. V.P. Chen Jipeng and Chief Zou Yun signed a cooperative agreement on behalf of each party.

  In the afternoon, Mr. Guan and Chen visited Gu Tian police station to communicate with local police supervisors and our school teachers and students. They inspected students’ board and lodging condition and put forward the hope and requirements. Firstly, faithfully perform the duties and learn the significance of police work. Secondly, take the practical training seriously and constantly improve our own abilities through thinking and asking. Thirdly, strictly observe the discipline and complete the task.

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