JIBC Director Qi Ke Visits Our College

  On March 7, Mr. Qi Ke, director of International Department (Chinese Projects) of the Justice Institute of British Columbia, visited Railway Police College. President Guan Shuguang and Vice

  President Chen Jipeng had a close conversation with Mr. Qi, negotiating the plan of sending students to JIBC in 2016. Ms.Ge Zheng, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, also joined the meeting.

  President Guan expressed warm welcome for the visit of Director Qi. He noted that the first project that RPC students' short visit to JIBC had achieved a great success. It was the fruit of the careful arrangements and cooperation between two colleges and the hard work of all teachers and students. Our college would try its best to construct a solid base to make students learn more about western police and police education. The two colleges would have further communication and cooperation.

  Vice president Chen Jipeng had a deep negotiation with Mr. Qi on the specific details on the exchange-students project. He noted that our college would gradually enlarge the international communication, and enhance the cooperation between the two colleges in a new level. He also showed expectation that the academic communication between the two colleges could undergo in relative subjects and fields.

  Director Qi conveyed great gratitude to the delicate arrangement of our college. He expressed good faith to enhance the communication and sustainable friendship between the two colleges.

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