Projects Establishment for 2016 Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities

  On the afternoon of January 19, a conference was held to evaluate the projects of Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities in 2016(abbreviate as FRFCU) in the third floor’s conference room of our library. After a series of discussion, 16 experts voted anonymously, 53 out of 63 projects were settled.

  To ensure that the results shall be fair, scientific and authoritative, the board, made up of professors, associate professors and teachers with doctorial degrees, should vote anonymously. FRFCU in 2016 covers four fields: railway policing research, basic subject and its application on public security, ideological and political theory and its application on education, the doctorial independent innovation research, which basically includes all disciplines in RPC.  

  In order to promote the research level, RPC enacts the “RPC’s Project Management Regulations” and provides more opportunities to young teachers. According to relevant regulations, we will recommend excellent programs to the ministry of public security project management system. Our college’s project management and operating mechanism have successfully joined in that of the ministry of public security.   

  Although we have gained great achievements in research, there are still many problems in program settlements, reports’ writing, research management and etc. We should make efforts to get more betterment.

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